Embracing the Emotionally Driven Side of Wealth Management.

The right financial plan isn’t just about the money—it is a reflection of what you value most, and it’s a path to fulfillment. President and founder of Flourish Wealth Management, Kathy Longo is passionate about helping families, individuals, and women create insightful financial plans that take into consideration their unique values, emotions, and aspirations.

How Can You Flourish Financially?

Let's Talk About Your Readiness for Financial Success.

"Conversations about money aren't easy, but you need to have them in order to achieve your goals."

Flourish Financially: Values, Transitions, and Big Conversations

When it comes to financial planning, open and honest communication is absolutely essential to creating the right plan for your present and future needs. Flourish Financially is a guide to starting the hard conversations about your money and how it impacts every aspect of your life.


Let’s talk money! 

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Kathy speaks to audiences of all sizes on the topics of financial literacy, the psychological side of managing your finances, and starting big conversations surrounding money. Her presentations give audiences insight into planning for the future you want with your head, heart, and soul.

Meet Kathy


Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA, is the president and founder of Flourish Wealth Management. She has over twenty-five years of experience in the financial planning industry and loves helping her clients discover what is important to them when planning for the future. She is passionate about educating women on how to take control of their assets by making informed and confident financial decisions.

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Flourish Financially is a weekly mini-podcast where Kathy Longo, President and Founder of Flourish Wealth Management, challenges you to set and achieve micro-goals that will help you on your way to financial wellness and satisfaction.
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How to Empower Yourself Through Financial Organization

How to Empower Yourself Through Financial Organization

It’s common to have multiple retirement accounts with overlapping objectives - and little time to organize them. However, if your accounts aren’t organized effectively, you may not be making the most of your savings and investments. In this episode, you’ll learn how to use a financial “tune-up” to create a structure and planning process that lets you quickly check in on your savings and spending goals to ensure you’re staying on track. This can also help you plan for contingencies, allowing you to feel more empowered to meet your financial and life goals.

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